Saturday, April 18, 2009

Waldorf and Weaving

Baby Bear started participating in a parent/child Waldorf class this week. For those unfamiliar with the Waldorf philosophy of teaching, here's a useful link:

The class focuses on the importance to young children of finding rhythm in life-- Ecclesiastes comes to mind. Waldorf schools like to teach about seasonal changes as well as the day to day tasks we do as we go through our lives. There is truly a purpose to everything under heaven!

One of the activities we did during class consisted of the parents doing a "meaningful work" task while the children played near by. In this case, it was sewing. There were sewing/threading boards available if the kids wanted to give it a try, but mostly it was about watching us, their parents, perform necessary tasks. It got me to thinking how, not too long ago, Baby Bear would not let me think of sitting and doing something that didn't involve her. She's now matured to a point where she understands that she can play quietly by herself, or just watch me, and that it's perfectly okay! I remember when I never thought we'd get to this point. Time does certainly fly!

Later in the week, Baby Bear and I had a Waldorf-like moment when we went out to Grandma Bear's pasture. I sat and wove Baby Bear a basket out of twigs while she played near by, "baking cakes" out of hay and tree stumps. It was a truly delightful afternoon! This was my first attempt at basket weaving-- I will have to go into more detail about that, at a later date.


Mama Bear

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