Wednesday, April 15, 2009

An Experiment for Love- An Introduction

It is strange where life takes us. I can remember a time, not too long ago, when the important thing in my life was my next great vacation. In fact, until my daughter was born, I had only an inkling of whom I wanted to be-- whom I was meant to be.

Baby Bear was born in 2006, by way of a most glorious (though unplanned) home-birth. My husband and I had everything planned out prior to her arrival-- where she would be born, where she would sleep when we brought her home, how we would juggle work and childcare-- all the plans of a couple having their first child! I think Baby Bear's unexpected arrival should have been taken as a sign demonstrating just how quickly our plans would change.

It was love at first sight. Dada Bear and I quickly realized we would do anything for our sweet girl. Even still, we attempted to make "The Plan" work. I returned to my previous work life after three months of maternity leave, while my husband juggled his own business, a part time job, and caring for Baby Bear while I worked. When I got home, he was off to work; we never saw each other, and Baby Bear wasn't very happy with the situation either.

The first thing to fall was His part time job. He was miserable and exhausted. This part of the plan was definitely not working! Things eased after that first, vital step, but I was still not satisfied. I spent my whole work day thinking about Baby Bear and wishing I was with her. She never learned to take a bottle, so I was acutely aware of just how much she needed me-- I was her only form of sustenance! After three months "on the job," Dada Bear and I both agreed home was where I needed to be. The result is a family previously supported by three incomes now being supported by one small, family business.

So, that's the Great Experiment. Making this work will take sacrifice, ingenuity, frugality and FAITH! This blog is meant to outline the great and drastic steps a family can take in the name of Love. Come along for the journey, if you're so inclined. Have you done something similar? Do you have advice to share? Your comments are welcome and appreciated!


Mama Bear

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