Thursday, April 16, 2009

Consistancy and Persistance

Before Baby Bear was even born, I knew that Attachment Parenting was a good fit for our family. Allowing her to become emotionally secure through her trust in us, her parents, before expecting her to trust the world around her made (makes) sense to us. At nearly three years old, she still sleeps snuggled, safe and warm, between us, and nursing is still one of the greatest joys of her life. She knows she can trust that first, important connection to me, even when the rest of the world seems too big or too scary.

Despite all this, I seem to have lost my way, somewhere along the line, when it comes to Attachment Parenting. I find myself listening less to her feelings and expecting more than maybe she's comfortable with. I find myself speaking more sternly than I'd like and taking a "because I said so," attitude. It was much easier when I felt she was too young to listen; it's hard to remember that she's still, technically, in her infancy and that I simply need to remain consistent with my expectations for her. She'll eventually catch on to what I expect and need.

A great example came the other day, when I noticed Baby Bear taking off her shoes and coat at the door. I've never instructed her to do this small thing- we are just in the practice of doing it- and she caught on all on her own, without a word of direction.

There will always be days when I'm stressed and my temper is short, but I can't get too down on myself (and neither can you!). Parenting, so it seems, is a never ending learning experience. If I simply remain consistent (and persistent), Baby Bear and I will survive the experience just fine.

What are your biggest struggles with parenting? How do you get through the ups and downs?


Mama Bear

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