Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The House Experiment

As with the birth of any child, Baby Bear's entrance into the world brought about many changes. This past fall, we decided to make one of our most drastic changes yet; we spiffed up our house and put it on the market. We were fortunate enough to purchase it at a time when the market was low so, even with it "priced to sell," we intended that we would be able to us our profit to purchase another, larger home in a "less desirable neighborhood," thus eliminating our mortgage.

I'm happy to say that we were successful! After three months on the market, our house sold right around where we needed it to be. Finding a new house ended up being harder than we had imagined, but we have finally closed on our new home, and are quite happy with then results. It is a fixer-upper, but not terribly so. Dada Bear has spent the last week building a fence for our dogs and refinishing the hardwood floors. We anticipate fully moving in this coming weekend. A little paint and a little love (and some new appliances), and it will be just dandy! As for the "less desirable neighborhood" part, we have never been so welcomed into any other neighborhood where we've lived. We already know the names of more of our neighbors than we ever did in our old home, after 10 years! All in all, we couldn't be happier.

During this tenuous time for our nation, we are so happy to say we now own our home and are on our way to becoming self-sustainable. We praise God for the blessing! Have you taken any drastic steps to become self-sustaining?

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